Thanks to its excellent knowledge of the country and its professional team, KirghizAsia will show you the real Kyrgyzstan.

Kalyinur SATAROV, co-founder, in charge of logistics

In 2003, while studying foreign languages, he starts his career as guide-interpreter in Kyrgyzstan. Between 2005 and 2009, he studies at the ESTHUA (a tourism and hospitality school) at the University of Angers in France. In 2007, Kalyinur starts the KirghizAsia agency with his brothers.

Mounarbek KOULDANBAEV, co-founder and project manager

in charge of "Tourism and Crafts" at the Jash-Muun NGO, he also manages KirghizAsia. He is also the president of the Horse Ball Federation in Kyrgyzstan.

KirghizAsia is a Kyrgyz travel agency working in collaboration with the Jash-Muun NGO (a non-governmental organisation in charge of the social and human development of the Toktogul region.) With our trips, our goal is to introduce the real Kyrgyzstan to our travelers by providing a real intercultural exchange with the local population and allowing the development of the region while respecting the fundamental principles of eco-tourism: respect of the environment, respect of the local culture and a fair share of the benefits resulting from this activity.

KyrgyzAsia puts its objectives into practice in the following ways:
-Housing with a host family or in a yurt
-Sports activities (trekking and horseback riding)
-Working with pastoral families to rent horses
-Supporting local crafts
- Buying local products directly from the farmers

L'équipe de KirghizAsia est constituée par des passionnés de la randonnée et des activités sportives, qui sont également de grands connaisseurs de la région d'Asie Centrale tant au niveau culturel, historique que linguistique. Tous nos guides sont des francophones et ont très bon niveau de français.

At KirghizAsia, our team is made of hiking and sports professionals, who have a great knowledge of the culture, history and linguistics of the Central Asian region. All our guides speak English.

KirghizAsia offers sports and cultural trips ranging from 7 to 21 days. We take care of all the logistics and can arrange different types of tours: trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking or multi-activities.
Our trips can be modified and customized to your liking. We can also set up a customized program in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

When 2 people sign up, we will help them organize an a la carte journey by discussing the itinerary together, the choice of activities, the type of accommodations and foods. Discover Kyrgyzstan and other countries of Central Asia with us! Our programs are tailored to your expectations.
Just send us an email, and if you like, your home phone number so we can discuss your trip in more details.
We are always available to answer any questions you may have about your trip to Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Training of our mountain guides:

Every year, we set up a tour guide training program before the touristic season starts. The training aims to teach practical and theoretical skills to our tour guides.
The training program includes the following exercises:

-Leading the group
-Fauna and flora
-General knowledge of the region
-Knowledge of the touristic sites in the region
-The practice of the English language

We provide a theoretical introduction for some of these exercises. For others, we work on-site by trying different itineraries and teaching future guides how to lead a group in real conditions.
Our association is different (and the students are quick to notice it) because we are training our guides so that they can get their diplomas, but also so that they can start working right away. We place them in different travel agencies and thus far, it has been a success.

2011: Our first tour guide training program - Featuring Pierre-Joseph Copier

With the help of Pierre-Joseph Copy, an experienced mountain guide and a Nordic walking specialist based in Montmaur en Diois in the Drôme (France), we organized our first tour guide training program. For several weeks, we taught theory and then we went on the field to practice what we had just learned.

2012: Our second tour guide training program - Featuring Philippe Guyot

For our 2012 training session, we kept the same program: we started teaching theory and then went on the field to teach the practical aspects of becoming a tour guide. This time, we worked with Philippe Guyot, who loves to travel and who has a lot of experience as a tour guide around the planet. He’s also based in the Drôme region in a town called Die.

2013: Our third tour guide training program - Featuring Talant Kirecheev and Florian Barboteau

For this 2013 edition, we invited two vibrant trekking lovers to teach our training program. 2013 was a very successful edition: 12 young Kyrzyg people signed up for the training; we thus thought it was necessary to have two tour guides to teach this session so the students would get the best training possible. Despite his young age,Talant is a very experience mountain guide. Originally from the Toktogul region, he’s been traveling around the Tien-Shan Mountains for years. To perfect his French and practice cross-country ski, he spent 2 winters in 2011 and 2012 in the Alps, between the Vercors and the Chartreuse regions. Florian, also from the Drôme region in France, decided to join the team for the 2013 season. He’s also studying to get a master in tourism at the University of Anger. His responsibilities included assessing the students’ level in French, getting a sense of their general knowledge and of their skills in the tourism industry.

KirghizAsia is happy to collaborate with different organizations and Kyrgyz or foreign companies but also with local/foreign professional guides.

What matters to us is not how many trips we organize, but the quality of each trip and the cultural exchanges between the traveler and the locals. There is so much culture, history and nature to discover in Kyrgyzstan. There are also so many things for us to learn about our travelers!!! We became friends with 90% of those who came to us to discover Kyrgyzstan! This also allowed us to improve our service.

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