Kyrgyz Nomads’ Meadow – 18 days

The Kyrgyz nomads spend their summer in yurt camps with free-range herds of horses and sheep, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of steppes and high pastures. We will be hiking for 9 days, visiting exceptional sites like the Suusamyr Valley, Toktogul, and the Issyk-Kul Lake. Spending time with the Kyrgyz nomads and sharing their daily life will also be part of your journey in Kyrgyzstan.

Starting from 1050 euors

Jour 1: Vol
Day 1: International flight to Kyrgyzstan

Day 2: Bishkek
Manas airport pick-up and transfer to Bishkek. Rest up at your host’s house. Visit of Bishkek: the town is a mix of Soviet architecture and large green spaces. Tour of the Osh Grand Bazaar: its small lively streets, its traditionally made goods and the mix of cultures, between Chinese specialties and Middle Eastern dried fruit.
Transfer: 45 mins; Housing guesthouse

Day 3: Suusamyr 
Drive to the Suusamyr Valley. The drive will take you alongside the Chui Valley and the spectacular Too-Ashoo Pass, before going down the Suusamyr Valley, one of the biggest jaïloos of Kyrgyzstan.
Transfer: 4 hours; Housing: tent

Day 4: Hike in Jaïzan
Premier jour de randonnée itinérante de 5 jours sur le massif central de Tian-Shan. Nous marcherons jusqu’au pied du col de Jaïsan. Nous installerons notre campements autours de plusieurs petits lacs glaciaires où vous pouvez voir des anciens pétroglyphes, dessins sur des pierres. Les chevaux de bas portent les bagages et la cuisine.
Duration: 4-5 hours; Elevation gain/loss: +600m; Housing: tent

Day 5: Hike to Ters
Hike to reach the Jaïsan Pass (altitude: 3500m). We then will go down the Ters Valley where you run into wild animals (ibexes etc…).
Duration: 5-6 hours; Elevation Gain/Loss: +300m/ -900m; Housing : Yurt

Day 6: Hike to Kichi-Japirtmakty
The program for the day includes the Pass and Lake of Boru-Korboz. On your path, marmots will be heard from afar. Set up for a picnic around the glacial lake. We will then hike to the Pass (altitude: 3400m) and go down the Kichi-Japrtmakty jaïloo.
Duration: 4-5 hours; Elevation Gain/Loss :+800m / -600M; Housing : Tent

Day 7: Hike Jylaan Bazaar
Leaving this peaceful place, we’ll head for the last leg of our hiking trip. When you reach the last pass of the hike, admire the magnificent view on the Ketmen-Tobo Valley.
Duration: 4-5 hours; Elevation Gain/Loss: +600m /-1200m; Housing: Tent

Day 8: Hike to Toktogul
We’ll go down the Toktogul village. The family hostess whose house you’ll be staying in, is a French teacher at the village school. She also heads an NGO focused on the development of traditional Kyrgyz crafts.
Duration: 4-5 hours; Elevation Gain/Loss: +300m/-900m; Housing with a host family

Day 9: Toktogul
Discover the art of traditional Kyrgyz crafts with the Jash-Muun NGO, which will show you how Kyrgyz felt and carpets called “Chirdak” are made. In the afternoon, you can rest and swim in the Toktogul Lake, which you can reach by bike.
Housing with a host family

Day 10: Transfer to Song-Kol
Drive to the Song-Kol Lake located in the heart of the Celestial Mountains (altitude: 3015m). The drive will take you alongside the Kokomerene River, which flows into a beautiful ochre-red canyon. Once you go through the Chil-Bel Pass (altitude: 3300m), a breathtaking scenery will be right in front of you.
Transfer : 6 hours; Housing: Tent.

Day 11: Hike in Song-Kol
Day hike on a hilly high mountain pasture offering a great view on the Song-Kol Lake. We leave our Toulpar Tash camp by the north side of the lake and hike to meet a nomad host from Tourousbek.
Duration : 4-5 hours; Elevation Gain/Loss : +200m; Housing: Yurt

Day 12: Song-Kol
Spend the day by the Song-Kol Lake with the nomad families of the region. For beginner riders, a walk on horseback is available.
Housing : Yurt

Day 13: Hike to Kizart, then transfer to Issyk-Kul
Hike to reach the village of Kizart via the Tuz-Achou Pass. Lunch with your host family. In the afternoon, we’ll go through Kochkor and take the road to the village of Echperov, located on the south side of the Issik-Kul Lake.
Transfer : 3 h; Duration : 4/5 h; Elevation Gain/Loss :+400m /-800m; Housing with a host family

Day 14: Ak-Saï’s Issyk-Kul Canyon
Rest by the Issyk-Kul Lake, a peaceful place surrounded by red canyons. Admire the magnificent view of the snowy mountains of Terskei Ala-Too. In the evening, gather around the fire.
Housing: Tent

Day 15: Hike to the Boom Canyons
Drive early in the morning to the gorge of Boome, then the hike to the canyons of Konorchek.
Duration: 4-5 hours; Elevation Gain/Loss: +800m; Housing: Tent

Day 16: Kyzyl Suu
Hike in a narrow gorge crossing several times a small red river. Then we will arrive on a large valley where Kyrgyz shepherds ride with herds.
Duration: 4-5 hours; Elevation Gain/Loss: +800m; Housing: Tent

Day 17: Bishkek
Hike to the village of Shamshy where you will find your vehicle. Drive back to Bishkek. On the way, we’ll stop in Bourana, minaret dating from the Karahan Kingdom (11th century). Farewell dinner at a traditional restaurant.
Duration: 4 hours; Elevation Gain/Loss: +800m; Housing: Guesthouse

Day 16: Return flight
Transfer to the airport

A qualified English-speaking Kyrgyz guide and a person who’ll care for the horses will be leading the trip. Horses will be carrying the luggage during the hike.

All transfers are made by minibus and car.

Climate : In Kyrgyzstan, the climate is continental. Summers are hot (30 to 42°C) and winters are cold (-10 to -25°C). In the winter, temperatures vary from 0 to 10°C during the day and -5 to -25 °C at night.

What to bring:
- for day trips, a small backpack for your personal belongings
- One piece of luggage per person which will be stored in the minibus
- 1 sleeping bag (warm enough to accommodate low temperatures) and 1 air mattress.
- Warm clothes for our evenings spent in the mountains
- Lighter clothes like shorts and pants for warmer weather and raincoat
-A spare pair of shoes (sneakers or comfortable sandals)
- One 1-liter flask
- Hat, sunglasses, sun block
- Flashlight
- Toiletries
- Fanny pack for your papers and other personal belongings
- basic first-aid kit : anti-blister lotion, pills for small intestinal problems, disinfectant, antalgic.

Indispensable : traitement de l'eau (micro pur), traitements personnels éventuels. The guide will bring an emergency first-aid kit with him.

Please note that it is the traveler’s responsibility to let KyrgyzAsia know of any medical condition (allergies, specific medical history, response to certain drugs etc.) before the beginning of the trip and to take, if necessary, the corresponding medication before traveling.

Formalities :
Passport must be valid at least 6 months after the return date of your trip. Visa can be obtained at the Bishkek airport upon arrival. No mandatory vaccination. However, we recommend that your tetanus boosters are up to date.

-The price shown above is based on a group of 4 participants
- A supplement of 250 euros/person is applied to a group of less than 4
-The trip is guaranteed once 2 persons sign up.

What’s included in the price:
-The organizing and planning of the trip
- Full board and all accommodations
-A qualified English speaking Kyrgyz guide
-Packed horses
-Equipment (tent, camping stove, dishes)
-Car transfers
What’s not included :
-The Visa (free since 2012)
-The plane ticket
4 companies are traveling to Bishkek: Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Russian Airlines and Pegasus 
- Insurance and repatriation
-Meals in restaurants and cafes